Upcoming Shows

Alberta Theatre Projects


February 27 - March 17

Sophisticated Romance: a spellbinding love story about a young couple’s unlikely romance that plays out across parallel universes.

Location: Martha Cohen Theatre

Arts Commons Presents

A Moment of Quiet Reflection

March 01 - June 29

A soundscape that explores the theme of pathways, travel, to and from, choices and the journey.

Location: +15 Hallway (near Alberta Theatre Projects and Theatre Calgary offices at Arts Commons)

Arts Commons Presents

Block Parent

March 02 - May 25

It intrigues me that our material world is seemingly based on the structure of a human face.

Location: Ledge Gallery (+15 level of Centre Court in Arts Commons)

Arts Commons Presents

Line Dance, The Dwindling Dispute, and Infinitude

March 02 - May 25

Location: Arts Commons Video Monitors

Arts Commons Presents

Invisible Evidence

March 02 - April 27

Location: Lightbox Studio

Arts Commons Presents

Circlestances, Continuum, The Microverse, and Contained Flow

March 02 - May 25

Water, Nature, Man-made Structures, and Ruin Explored.

Location: Window Galleries (across from Max Bell Theatre in Arts Commons)

Theatre Calgary

The Humans

March 06 - March 31

One of the most critically-acclaimed plays from Broadway in recent years, The Humans is definitely something to be thankful for.

Location: Max Bell Theatre

Mind Games

March 13 - March 17

An immersive dance experience, narrated through the music of Banks.

Location: Big Secret Theatre

Arts Commons Presents

Classic Albums Live: Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

March 22

Witness the music that shaped generations as it was meant to be heard.

Location: Jack Singer Concert Hall

Easter Island by David van Belle

March 23 - March 31

I tell you three stories. THEN you get your tattoo...

Location: Motel