At these visual and media art receptions you will see new work, meet local artists, mingle with fellow art lovers, and engage in FREE and fun arts activities, and all in an open social atmosphere. Bring your friends! 

Happenings 12: Whimsy and Play
Date: Monday, May 14, 2018

Happenings 12 at Arts Commons is an experimental art party filled with new exhibitions, installations, live performances, and musical projects in celebration of our current visual art exhibitors. For this Happenings event “Whimsy and Play” inspires conversations about youth and family, and experimental art collisions. So if you the love the art of lines, analog photograph, urban design, and sculpture, then come to Happenings - where art is never flat!

Exhibition Artists:Jillian Daschuk (Ledge Gallery), Darija s.Radakovic, Carrie Phillip Kieser, Mikhail Miller and Rachel Zirada, Anna Burger Martindale (Window Galleries), Scott Portingale, Melanie Klotzel and John Osborne (Broadcast Lab), Kristine Zingler and Scott Ross Molyneux (Lightbox Studio) and Tona Ohama (+15 Soundscape) 

Happenings 13
Date: Friday, August 10, 2018

Exhibition Artists:Dana Buzzee (Ledge Gallery), Blake Chorley, Susanne Aaltonen, and Brittany Nickerson (Window Galleries), Treaty 7 Film Collective (Broadcast Lab) , Lane Shordee (Lightbox Studio) and Tona Ohama (+15 Soundscape).