PCL Blues

The blues is a foundational art form. Jazz, rock & roll, country and soul (to name a few) all descend or were deeply influenced by the blues tradition. As the backbone of modern music, the blues has inspired artists and led to innovation across musical genres the world over. This foundational genre also plays a pivotal role in the preservation of African American oral traditions. 

The blues remind us that we are not alone, that humour and perspective can be found in challenging situations, and that the experience of a live blues show often provides spiritual inspiration, a shared sense of community, and renewed optimism. 

PCL Blues has been a mainstay in Arts Commons Presents programming since 1998. Most performances take place in the intimate setting of the Engineered Air Theatre, with some special presentations featured in other venues, such as the Jack Singer Concert Hall or the Martha Cohen Theatre.  

"The PCL Blues series a beloved tradition at Arts Commons - while other series are full of large-scale spectacle, this is an opportunity to get an up-close infusion of soul in our most intimate venue. It's the same level of world-class talent, but so close you feel the personal connection. The 2021-22 season will not disappoint." - Jennifer Johnson, Vice President of Programming, Arts Commons.


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