Commonspace is a pilot program that aims to provide basic workshop / rehearsal space at little to no cost to diverse communities and diverse artists. The Arts Learning Centre and / or The Hub will be made available in-between existing bookings as well as for full-days, depending upon the needs of the group / individual.

Formal submissions are currently closed, however if you have an arts-based project that requires space and (1) has a defined time-period in which it occurs, (2) requires limited support, e.g. you require a room, some tables, and some chairs, and (3) does not charge a participation fee, you are welcome to contact Joshua Dalledonne (contact information is below).

Expect to see more as we receive feedback from the pilot phase, and learn more from the groups and individuals we partner with. Questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to:

Joshua Dalledonne
Producing and Engagement Associate, Arts Commons
403-294-7455 ext. 1451