Broadcast Lab

Broadcast Lab (formerly Gallery of Media Arts) is an exciting micro-cinema programming at Arts Commons in Calgary, Alberta. Through a peer assessment selection process, 24 media artists are programmed annually running three months in duration. The media art appears on three television monitors located throughout Arts Commons. This project reaches a diverse audience of all ages; content must be suitable for public spaces. Broadcast Lab supports experimental films, video art, animations, and short documentaries and the selected artists will be compensated by industry standards.  

Line Dance, The Dwindling Dispute, and Infinitude 
Feature artists John Osborne, Kloetzel & Co, and Scott Portingale
March 22 - May 25, 2018

Built, OMIP.PIPm Membrana Mortis
Feature artists Maziar Ghaderi, Emmanuel Ho, and Kyle Whitehead
December 1 - February 12, 2018

Feature artists BabyGurl$, Adam Bentley, and Bianca Hlywa
September 4 - November 27, 2017