Transit, Plus 15 & Bike Access

Calgary's public transit system is a great way to get to Arts Commons. Please plan to still arrive one half hour before showtime, because with multiple venues Arts Commons can get busy!


The C-Train LRT runs along 7th Avenue, one block north of Arts Commons. If travelling eastbound, get off at either Centre Street Station or City Hall Station. If traveling westbound, get off at City Hall Station.


  • NB MacLeod TR @ 7 Av SE – 9, 10, 31, 69
  • SB 1 St @ 8 Av SE (33 m) 7, 24, 30, 110, 117, 151
  • SB 1 St @ 7 Av SE (0.1 km) 1, 24, 31, 305, 411
  • EB 7 Av @ City Hall Stn (28 m) 201, 202
  • EB 9 Av @ CE St S (0.1 km) 10, 31, 108, 112, 302
  • EB 7 Av @ Centre Street Stn (92 m) 201, 202
  • WB 7 Av @ Olympic Plaza Stn (0.1 km) 201, 202

For more information on Calgary Transit including detours and stop closures visit Calgary Transit.

Access to + 15 System

Arts Commons is connected to City Hall on the east and Glenbow Museum on the west via the +15 walkway system - a series of 57 enclosed bridges at approximately 15 feet above street level that connect a majority of the buildings in the Calgary downtown core. Please note that the +15 system closes at midnight each night.


Calgary's many bike lanes provide a simple, efficient way to get to Arts Commons and avoid parking! Please check the Downtown Cycle Tracks Map to see the routes that will lead you to Arts Commons, including lane closures and weather hazards. For safety, please plan your route ahead of time.

Bike racks are located in front of the Martha Cohen Theatre, and along 8th Avenue outside Ca'Puccini and the Jack Singer Concert Hall. For more bike parking downtown, please refer to the city website