Arts Commons is passionate about the arts as a powerful tool for enriching learning and inspiring people of all ages to meaningfully engage with the world around them. Education at Arts Learning creates memorable educational opportunities through multi-disciplinary programming that supports over 12,000 students, teachers, and education professionals each year by teaching core subjects through the arts. It is also a valuable resource for professional artists, educators, and community partners in championing excellence in arts based education.

Arts Commons ensures that educators have the artistic tools to inspire, and children have the creativity to connect, invent, and collaborate. This fosters a future that is bright with the inspiration and passion found in a life rich with arts, culture, and community. We are proud that Arts Commons is a leader in artistic excellence, and a space for Calgarians to connect, create, and explore.

For programming consultation or more information, please contact our Education Associate at 403-294-7455 ext. 1458 or email

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