The Hub for Inspired Learning

The Hub for Inspired Learning program at Arts Commons is entering its 4th year of engaging students outside of their classroom.

Partnering with Campus Calgary Open Minds, Arts Commons hosts school classes from Grades K-12 for a week of on-site learning and arts integrated inquiry. The Hub for Inspired Learning provides expertise and unique theatre, dance, musical and visual arts experiences to uncover curriculum.  Teachers gain valuable professional development that they can employ in their classroom beyond the Hub. The students use journaling to record their observations and questions.  A classroom of students will be immersed in the Arts Commons atmosphere for a full week, learning in different locations around the buildings' many theatres, galleries, rehearsal spaces, and beyond to the heart of downtown Calgary.

As the program enters its fourth year, it will be exciting to see how the teachers take the framework and run with it, with Arts Commons as their students’ learning playground. More information can be found at the Calgary Board of Education's online portal. Application deadline is April of each year.

The Hub for Inspired Learning at Arts Commons was also one of the programs recognized by the Calgary Board of Education for their May Lighthouse Award recipient.