Producing & Engagement

Producing and Engagement at Arts Commons provides and supports equitable and inclusive opportunities for diverse communities to converse, create, and celebrate. We are re-focused on amplifying the voices and impact of those who too often go unheard.

We recognize that the term ‘diverse communities’ is incredibly broad, however it’s used intentionally in an attempt to describe the complex network of communities that make-up Calgary. Those served by this portfolio may self-identify with one or more ‘diverse’ communities, such as: an ethno-cultural community (e.g. Asian Canadians, Indigenous nations), an ability-based community (e.g. deaf/hard-of-hearing, developmental disability), a sexual-minority/gender-variant community (e.g. queer, non-gender conforming), an age-defined community (e.g. seniors/families with young children), an artistic community (e.g. interdisciplinary performance, new media practice), and there are of course many others.

Through transparent and equitable partnerships, and initiatives that are flexible enough to serve the needs of those we’re working with, we are expanding the range of voices and artistic practices in our spaces, removing barriers for audiences and artists, and providing equitable and inclusive environments to create and celebrate. If this sounds interesting, please read on and we hope you’ll be in touch.

All questions, comments or concerns can be directed to:

Joshua Dalledonne
Producing and Engagement Associate, Arts Commons
403-294-7455 ext. 1451