Community Engagement

X Marks the Spot for Surprise Arts Encounters 

If you hear music in the air, it isn’t your imagination. Arts Commons and the resident companies are on an expedition to bring the arts to you! Parks, community centres, and even the occasional street corner are the locations for unexpected arts encounters – at a safe social distance – as we connect with you where you are. 

Follow Arts Commons (@yycarts) on social media to get the latest updates on where we'll be next. If you’re close, grab your mask, stay a safe distance apart, and enjoy! 

Featured artists include:

Aimee-Jo Benoit

DJ Sonidef

Indigo Rose

Kenna Burima

Tim Tamashiro

Aya Mhana

Mandy Morris

 Alicia Ward

Darren Barton

Cindy Ansah

Chantal Chagnon

 Andre Wickenheiser

Allison Lynch

Tara Jackson

Sandra Sutter

 Robert Adam


Keith Rodger

Jeremy Gignoux

 Genevieve Micheletti

Steven Lubiarz

Katie Mcmillan

Daniel Fong

 Afo Fapojuwo

Sashae-Sasha Spronk

Tricia Edwards

Silvia Temis

David Reid

Tosh Hayashi

Tom Mccaslin


Ethan Hill