Community Engagement

Producing and Engagement at Arts Commons supports equitable and inclusive opportunities for diverse communities in Calgary to converse, create, and celebrate. Through transparent and flexible partnerships, we are working with established organizations and grassroots groups to create arts-based workshops that create connections to and amplify the voices of under-served communities.

The term ‘diverse communities’ or ‘underserved communities’ is – yes – very broad. However, we use these terms in an attempt to describe the complex network of communities that make-up Calgary. The organizations, groups, or participants may self-identify with one or more ‘diverse’ or ‘underserved’ communities, such as: an ethno-cultural community (e.g. Asian Canadians, Indigenous nations), an ability-based community (e.g. deaf/hard-of-hearing, developmental disability), a sexual-minority/gender-variant community (e.g. queer, non-gender conforming), an age-defined community (e.g. seniors), an artistic community (e.g. interdisciplinary performance), and there are of course many others.

If you are interested in connecting with Arts Commons for support in leading an arts-based activity that serves your community please don’t hesitate to reach out.

All questions, comments or concerns can be directed to:

Joshua Dalledonne
Producing and Engagement Associate, Arts Commons
403-294-7455 ext. 1451