The Preamp Program – currently in its pilot phase – aims to provide a short-term residency for early to mid-career artists to develop work in its earliest stages over the course of a 7 day short-term residency at Arts Commons. This call is open to ALL forms of artistic practice, however preference will be given to works that are – or lean towards the – performative, collaborate across artistic disciplines, and challenge those involved. This program aims to provide: space, technology, and artist fees towards exploring the process of how a new work is developed; the focus is on process over product. Each residency will culminate in a public sharing.

Submissions are currently closed. To learn more about the submission process, please visit our call for submissions page.

We encourage artists and the general public to join us for the FREE open house that ends each residency. Selected artists will share the work they’ve accomplished – we won’t know what to expect until the day of. Plan to arrive curious.

The F Word
Bianca Miranda, Keshia Cheesman and Kathryn Smith.

Tickets: FREE; tickets will be available shortly.

Location: Engineered Air Theatre
Date: Sunday January 27, 2019. Time TBC.

Keshia Cheesman and Bianca Miranda, performers and co-creators of The F Word (the f word, in this case, being “fat”), have had the opportunity to present four 10-15 minute iterations of their show - each time, a very different form yet all confronting fatphobia, diet culture, and celebrating their personal journeys. In this short-term residency, they want to continue to play and experiment with content that will lead to the development of a one-act show. Joining them in this residency is a third artist, Kathryn Smith, who will wear many hats as director, designer, and songwriter. As part of the public showing, you can expect to see three snippets from their week-long residency - something they are proud of, something they are unsure of, and a song (if it exists). Their hearts, minds, and bodies are open to the endless possibilities that can come of this week.

The Room
Article 11 – Tara Beagan and Andy Moro

Tickets: FREE; tickets will be available shortly.

Location: Engineered Air Theatre
Date: Sunday March 31, 2019. Time TBC.

ARTICLE 11 is an Indigenous arts activist creation and production company founded in 2013 by Tara Beagan (Ntlaka’pamux) and Andy Moro (Mixed Euro/Omuskego Cree). It is named for the eleventh article in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This short-term residency will work to plant the seeds for a grand-scale performance installation project – The Room. The stories of The Room are autobiographical for Moro and explores: how and when are truths ignored or covered up, and how much does the denial of family origins contribute to a culture of complacency and conformity?

The Many Faces of Jimmy Stewart
Cinemusic Live

Tickets: FREE; tickets will be available shortly.

Location: Engineered Air Theatre
Date: Sunday June 2, 2019. Time TBC.
CineMusic Live is a performance collective that brings together an array of media artists, local musicians, and improvisers, who edit, re-score, and redub public-domain films to create a live, mixed-media performance. During their short-term residency, CineMusic Live will explore whether various filmographic appearances of a single actor's face - Jimmy Stewart - can be successfully stitched together into one cohesive story. With familiar visuals colliding and creating unexpected combinations and juxtapositions, CineMusic Live will present an entirely new and unpredictable experience.

For more information, questions, comments or concerns, please contact:

Joshua Dalledonne
Producing and Engagement Associate, Arts Commons
403-294-7455 ext. 1451