Visual and Media Arts

Arts Commons is proud to showcase highly talented visual and media artists within the gallery spaces housed within our building. Whether its Emerging Artists in our Lightbox Studio, as well as the Ledge, +15 and Window Galleries or media artists from across Canada bringing both film and sound art to engage our patrons – it’s a powerful expression of what our community has to offer. Check out our 3D Virtual Gallery Tours below!

Our RBC Emerging Visual Artists Program provides mentoring and exhibition opportunities for artists looking to establish their careers. Our Media Arts Program includes Broadcast Lab, and the +15 Soundscape. Broadcast Lab is a micro-cinema that runs continuously over the three monitors located within Arts Commons, and the +15 Soundscape is a multichannel sound experience impacted passersby in the +15 walkway overlooking the Alberta Theatre Projects and Theatre Calgary scene shop.

The RBC Emerging Visual Artists program at Arts Commons provides an exceptional opportunity for emerging visual artists to develop their artistic practice, to showcase their work to the public through exhibitions, open studio and speaking engagements, and hone their professional skills in order to build a solid foundation for a successful career. Through one-on-one mentorship opportunities, professional development sessions, networking social events and exhibition opportunities, these emerging visual artists will enter into the next phase of their career. Becoming a successful artist is about more than innate ability, it is a purposeful combination of opportunity, meaningful hard work, and mentorship.

Supporting emerging artists in Calgary, Alberta through the RBC Emerging Visual Artists Program at Arts Commons is an investment in our collective future and an opportunity to contribute to a growing cultural economy. The nature of our building and these non-traditional gallery spaces affords emerging artists to engage with a substantial audience of over 600,000 per year at Arts Commons.

Our mission at Arts Commons is “to bring the arts to life” which is why for the past 26 years Arts Commons has created space to support local emerging visual artists in our performing arts facility. Since 2006 Arts Commons has been growing our investment in Calgary’s visual arts community, today we curate the Lightbox Studio, the Ledge Gallery, the Window galleries and facilitate community programming in our eight (8) +15 Galleries. Since 1992, over 1056 artist exhibitions have been supported at Arts Commons.

Arts Commons is recognized for offering emerging artists with a uniquely supported experience that springboards them into the next phase of their creative career with new skills, new tools and a network of supportive peers. Our exhibitions and special projects enhance our patrons’ experience at Arts Commons while also promoting critical dialogue within the greater community. We strive to foster an inclusive community where emerging artists are empowered to engage and take risks. By doing so we are creating a meaningful experience that creates connection and collaborative relationships between artists and the community.

For more information about Arts Commons Presents Visual and Media Arts please contact Visual and Media Arts Associate Sanja Lukac

If you want learn more about the RBC Emerging Visual Artists program and the artist submission process please visit our Call for Submissions page.

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