Data Access Rules

(Operating under the name Arts Commons)
Arts Commons Box Office Consortium

This Schedule “B” (the "Data Access Rules") made in quadruplicate and effective this 19th day of January 2009, is attached to and forms an integral part of the Tessitura Consortium Membership Agreement dated January 19, 2009 between Calgary Centre for Performing Arts doing business as Arts Commons (CCPA), The Alberta Theatre Projects Society, doing business as Alberta Theatre Projects (ATP), Calgary International Children’s Festival Society, doing business as Calgary International Children’s Festival (CICF), and One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Association, doing business as One Yellow Rabbit (OYR) (each a "Member" and collectively, the "Members" or the "Tessitura Consortium")


1.01 In accordance with the Tessitura Consortium Membership Agreement, this document exists as the official guideline for how data is to be shared and utilized among Members. The Members' use of the Tessitura Sofware will result in a common database comprised of data from all of the Members, relating to the operations of each organization. All data stored in the database shall be the property of the Member that provided the data; however the Tessitura Consortium shall hold such data for the sole benefit of the Tessitura Consortium Membership. Some data is proprietary, confidential, and/or subject to privacy or other protections. The sharing and access of this data between Members is a fundamental objective, and it should be noted that there is an intrinsic sense of "good will" in this collaborative project. Without compromising their own unique qualities, each Member will need to value and manage data, not just as their own, but for the benefit of the Tessitura Consortium.


2.01 As a fundamental working philosophy, the Tessitura Consortium agrees that the guiding principle, as it relates to data sharing, is to build the capacity of all Members to more effectively serve its constituents (subscribers, single ticket buyers, patrons, donors, funders, supporters, etc.) (collectively, "Constituents") and each other. In keeping with this collaborative spirit, these Data Access Rules shall respect the privacy of the Constituents and safeguard the confidentiality of information that a Constituent reasonably would expect to be private. In addition, each Member is expected to honor the privacy requests of its Constituents. Finally, each Member agrees to abide by Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP Act) and The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada.


3.01 While the database enables all Members to see the following Shared Data for each Constituent, Members agree not to make use of the Shared Data in anyway whatsoever if the Member does not have a relationship with the Constituent:
i) Primary names of all Constituents
ii) Salutations
iii) Prefixes and suffixes
iv) Complete primary address information
v) Relationship status between Constituent and Members (collectively, the "Shared Data")

3.02 As Members input data into the database each will establish their relationship link with the Constituent. Members will not establish a link with a Constituent unless the Constituent initiates the relationship by authorizing the link or by purchasing product from the Member.

3.03 Restricted Data means all data other than Shared Data as detailed above. While each Constituent has a single account, each Member will only be able to see and access data linked to their relationship with the Constituent when viewing the record.
Note: If Bob Smith is ticket buyer and a donor to Member A, and a ticket buyer to Member B, Member A wi1l see that Bob Smith is a ticket buyer and a donor for Member A, but will not see the ticket history for Member B. Member B will see that Bob Smith is a ticket buyer for Member B, but will not see the ticket history or donation history for Member A.

3.04 Members agree to include the following on all materials that collect personal information from Constituents: (insert name of Member) is committed to protecting your privacy. The personal information you provide is collected and used to fulfill your (ticket order, donation, etc.) and to inform you about various Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary International Children’s Festival, Arts Commons, and One Yellow Rabbit events that may be of interest to you. (insert name of Member) does not sell, rent or trade any personal information to third parties. In the event you wish to be removed from our database, please contact (insert name of Member) at (insert telephone and email address of Member). More detailed Privacy Policy may be obtained from (insert name of Member) on request.

3.05 Members agree that the following data will remain secured to the originating Member and is NOT TO BE SHARED unless written authorization is provided pursuant to the terms of the Data Access Rules:
i) Phone numbers
ii) Email addresses
iii) Ticket sales history
iv) Contribution history or all other donor information
v) Notes, research, or associations pertaining to Constituents or their specific relationship to the Member (e. donor, board member, etc.)
vi) Any and all attendance or sales figures (net gross of performances, percentage of house, etc.) (collectively, the "Restricted Data")

3.06 Restricted Data such as the primary address, phone numbers, and email addresses (based on ticket history) of Constituents that a Member does not have a relationship with may be obtained on a PERMISSION ONLY basis. Given the objectives of this project, such requests are encouraged by the Tessitura Consortium.

3.07 The following table illustrates data that can be shared WITH PERMISSION:


Member Only

With Permission

Name X X
Primary Address X X
Phone Number X X
Email Address X X
Ticket History X  
Donation History X  

3.08 To request permission for the use of Restricted Data, a Permission Request Form is to be completed by the Member and submitted to the Manager, Ticketing Services of CCPA who will be responsible for obtaining authorization from each Member that has a relationship with the Constituent. Note that the data provided can be used by the Member for one initiative/campaign at a time, and the data is provided directly to the Member’s direct mail house, telemarketing firm or individual responsible for processing campaign. The Tessitura Technology Manager will follow up with the Member to solicit written confirmation that the data provided was used solely for the purposes expressed in the Permission Request Form and the data was deleted immediately thereafter.

Note: In the event that a Constituent establishes a new relationship with a Member by purchasing a ticket or making a donation, etc. then the Member may link to the Constituent in the database.