Mountain Goat Mountain

Sat May 8 - Sun May 30, 2021
Mountain Goat Mountain

Legend says that a mysterious creature lives in the wilds of Mountain Goat Mountain. Is it a myth? Or will you be the one to prove that it’s real?

Explore the magical world of Mountain Goat Mountain with a rich, beautiful audio experience that guides families through a theatrical adventure, from set up to final bows – all in the safety and comfort of home.  Simply press play and together, you and your family will use an audio device, found household objects, and a little imagination to discover the secret hidden on Mountain Goat Mountain.

 Performed in two parts over 40-60 minutes, Mountain Goat Mountain’s audio tracks offer a (FREE!) interactive escape from daily life and homeschooling through the magic of theatre, adventure, and creativity, brought to you by Arts Commons Presents and Threshold. Mountain Goat Mountain is best suited to school-aged children ages 5+.

Tickets are FREE but registration is required to access. Mountain Goat Mountain runs from May 8-30, and once registered, you can explore this vibrant world with your kids as many times as you’d like – on demand.


★★★★★ “an immersive online experience ... it is perfectly pitched.

Sunday Business Post, Ireland

One of the most beautiful family arts adventures I have ever seen.

Early Arts UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mountain Goat Mountain a play? 
Mountain Goat Mountain is an audio theatre experience created by the Australian performance company, Threshold. Using a computer, phone or tablet, you will access the show’s audio tracks that will bring you and your family through an interactive story that YOU bring to life in your home.  

How does Mountain Goat Mountain work? 
When you’re ready to begin your journey, prepare the following items: a charged audio device (phone, tablet or computer), a piece of paper and pencil or pencil crayon, and a bedsheet. There are two Acts to Mountain Goat Mountain. The audio tracks in Act 1 will help you prepare costumes, props, characters, the set, your secret mountain language and, of course, the mountain creature. Act 2 will narrate the story, provide sound effects, and give activity instructions to bring the story to life. Though the audio will need an internet connection and an adult to play, Mountain Goat Mountain is designed to be screen-free for kids. 

How long is the presentation?
Mountain Goat Mountain is a self-guided audio adventure, so depending on your pace, it can be anywhere from 40 – 60 minutes. 

What do I need to participate?
You will need a device that plays audio loud enough for everyone in the family to hear it, an 8.5x11 piece of paper with either a pencil or pencil crayons, and a bed sheet. Plus, your imagination! 

Can we do it more than once?
Once you register for Mountain Goat Mountain, you can repeat the experience as many times as you like from May 8-30. In fact, we encourage it!

How do I access Mountain Goat Mountain?
To successfully enjoy Mountain Goat Mountain, there are several steps. First, create your Arts Commons Presents account (if you don’t already have one) and register for a free pass. Once the show run starts (May 8-30), you will find a link to watch Mountain Goat Mountain in the Digital Events and Content page in your account. Once you enter the launch page, you will be redirected to register again with Threshold, the producing company. Once you successfully log in there, you’re ready to begin your Mountain Goat Mountain journey! 

Why do I have to register on the Threshold website? 
You must register twice to see Mountain Goat Mountain, once with Arts Commons Presents (us, the Calgary presenter) and once with Threshold (the producing company). The audio tracks are hosted on Threshold’s website, and are behind a paywall that can only be accessed through your Arts Commons account (once you register for the event for free or a PWYC donation).  

I have really young kids, can I still participate?
The recommended age is 5 and up. Younger kids are welcome to participate but they may have a hard time listening and following the instructions. You know your kids best and if you think that they have the attention span to participate, go ahead and get them involved! 

How many family members can participate at once? 
Registering for one family pass is valid for all family members of a household – no matter how many participants are included, young and old!