Jack Singer Rehearsal Hall

The Jack Singer Rehearsal Hall is a private, contained and totally unique venue for your rehearsal, auditions, workshops and more. Accessible through our Stage Door entrance, you’re guaranteed to be undisturbed in this space.

Ideal for: Performances, receptions, lectures, meetings, corporate events, post and pre-show events
Capacity: 160 
Lighting & A/V: Fully customizable lighting and A/V options
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

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The Jack Singer Rehearsal Hall recently underwent a complete renovation including a brand new acoustic wooden ceiling created from the recycled seat backs of the retired seats from Martha Cohen and Max Bell Theatres. Brand new lighting was installed, giving it the flexibility to be awash with light for a rehearsal, or beautifully intimate for a reception or recital. The Jack Singer Rehearsal Hall is the main rehearsal space for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

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