Sat September 2 - Fri January 5, 2018


Arts Commons Presents
The +15 Soundscape

Shawn Pinchbeck

Location: +15 Hallway (Near Alberta Theatre Projects and Theatre Calgary offices in Arts Commons)
Date: Sept 2, 2017 - Jan 5, 2018

Artist Reception: Happenings 10 in Upper Centre Court at Arts Commons on Monday, November 27 from 6-9pm

/ 4:40


Arts Commons Presents brings a new media art sound installation to the +15 hallway that will take you on a journey through time and space. Pathways is a sound at piece that explores the theme of pathways, travel, to and from, choices and the journey.

The idea of the piece comes from my rather nomadic lifestyle living is several cities to teach, create music, perform and be with family. I travel with a handy sound recorder; accumulating a large library of field recordings, soundscapes and noises that I use to create my various performances and sound art projects. Pathways will take the listener on a sonic journey exploring many aspects of these sounds, compositional structures, frequency and space as listeners travel from one place to another through the soundspace.

Artist Biography

Shawn Pinchbeck is an Edmonton, Alberta based electroacoustic music composer, new media artist, performer, installation artist, teacher, curator, and sound engineer.Shawn's performance works and installations have been presented widely at numerous festivals and exhibits across Canada and Europe. He collaborates extensively, creating works with artists of all backgrounds most recently focusing on music for contemporary dance and live cinema performances.Shawn holds a PhD in electroacoustic music composition from the University of Birmingham where he studied with Dr. Jonty Harrison. He currently teaches sound and interactive art at the Art Research Lab at Liepaja University (Latvia).

The Arts Commons +15 Soundscape is a unique multichannel sound system that provides sound art opportunities to local and national sound artists, which is available for passersby to freely experience. Arts Commons has curated the 16-17 season of the +15 Soundscape program to showcase 3 new soundscapes created by aboriginal identified artists.