Dublin Oldschool

Tue January 23 - Fri January 26, 2018
Dublin Oldschool

One Yellow Rabbit presents
Project Arts Centre’s

Dublin Oldschool

January 23 - 26, 2018 – 7:30pm
Pumphouse Theatre
2140 Pumphouse Avenue SW

Part of the 32nd annual High Performance Rodeo, Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts

A razor sharp spoken word odyssey, Dublin Oldschool snaps and crackles, with high octane performances 

Dublin Oldschool is a play about hope. Hope between family. Hope for a city on the brink. And hope that those we’ve lost, we can get back, not the next time around or even in the next life but in the only time that matters — the time we live in, here and now. 

Join wannabe DJ Jason on a chemically enhanced trip through the streets of Dublin, staggering from one misguided misadventure to another. Somewhere between the DJs, drug busts and hilltop raves, he stumbles across a familiar face from the past: his brother Daniel. They haven't spoken in years but, over a lost weekend, they reconnect and reminisce over tunes, trips and their city.

“Unmissable. Exceptional acting squared with exceptional writing ” — London Times

“Riotous. A late night trip that makes for incredible theatre ” — Evening Herald

“Rap, rave music and blistering energy in a chemically enhanced Irish two-hander” — The List

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