Minosis Gathers Hope

Wed April 4 - Sat April 7, 2018
Minosis Gathers Hope


Downstage proudly presents the Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts and Punctuate! Theatre production of Minosis Gathers Hope a play for young audiences by Christine Sokaymoh Frederick (Cree/Métis). This ambitious, Indigenous-led multidisciplinary theatre production is a fun and accessible opportunity for youth to creatively engage in Métis and Cree culture.  

Minosis Gathers Hope is about a young Métis girl named Minosis (Cree for kitten), hurting from feelings of abandonment, self-doubt and racism. In the piece, Minosis travels the four directions of her grandparents yard in search of medicine wheel-coloured ribbons. This sparks the magic of ceremony, cultural teachings, mythology and legends, and ultimately connects her to the mythical figures of her grandparents’ stories.

Themes and ideas of this story involve understanding and coping with change, racism, independence and interdependence. With this play, playwright Christine Sokaymoh Frederick wishes to provide a unique way for children to come to terms with the dilemmas of their inner lives: an understanding that is vital for all Canadians whose cultures touch, evolve and interweave.

Featuring Skye Demas, Sheldon Elter, Christine Sokaymoh Frederick, Zoe Glassman, Aimee Rushton, Rebecca Sadowski, Kendra Shorter and Gianna Vacirca
Playwright: Christine Sokaymoh Frederick Direction by Matthew MacKenzie
Associate Direction by Patrick Lundeen
Stage Management by Erin Voaklander
Choreography by Santee Smith
Sound Design by Noor Dean Musani
Environmental Design by T. Erin Gruber
Costume Design by Brianna Kolybaba


Ideal for: Performances, , recitals, rehearsals, workshops, and receptions
Capacity: 50 
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible
Included: Fully customizable lighting; user-driven space with no technical support provided 

Motel is an intimate, 50-seat black-box theatre located in the heart of downtown Calgary on the mezzanine level of Arts Commons, across the hall from One Yellow Rabbit's Big Secret Theatre. Instantly recognizable by its charming motel-style sign, Motel Theatre is the home of Downstage who curate the space as an affordable home for smaller theatre and performance companies in Calgary. 

This venue is in high demand with limited rental dates. If you are interested in renting this space, please first visit www.downstage.ca/motel for further information then contact Jessie Paynter, Production Manager, jessie@downstage.ca, 403.294.7459.


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