The Path of Dreams

Wed May 23 - Wed May 23, 2018
The Path of Dreams

The Path of Dreams

For French performances, see Le sentier des rêves here.

Artist: Le Théâtre Motus
Longueuil, Québec

Venue: Martha Cohen Theatre
Length: 55 minutes
Age: 5 and up
Language: English
Join Us: Kids with Hearing, Mobility, Visual Impairments 

Cultures connect in The Path of Dreams, the story of a young Innu boy who plunges into the dream-world in search of his grandmother’s lost necklace. There he finds himself in the strange world of the Oni in 7th century Japan and meets a little girl with a very special destiny.

Performance Dates and Times:
Wednesday, May 23 at 10:00 AM
Wednesday, May 23 at 12:30 PM


All sales are final. Tickets will not be refunded or exchanged. Latecomers will only be seated if there is an appropriate break in the performance. Latecomers not admitted to a performance will not receive a refund.

Children who have not celebrated their 2nd birthday may sit on an adult's lap without a ticket to the show. They may not take up a seat without a ticket.

Everyone 2 years and over must have a ticket to attend.

Ideal for: Performances and recitals
Capacity: 386-412 
Accessibility: Theatre seating includes wheelchair accessible seats
Included: Fully customizable lighting and A/V options

Alberta Theatre Projects (ATP) has been the resident tenant in the courtyard-shaped, Georgian-style Martha Cohen Theatre since 1985. Tiered levels of seats form a three-quarter circle around the performing area eliminating the separation between the audience and performers. The farthest seat from the stage is a mere 39 feet away.

Situated in the heart of Arts Commons beside Jack Singer Concert Hall, Martha Cohen Theatre received state-of-the-art sound upgrade in 2014, as well as all new seats and a new lighting console in 2016, ensuring that it remains at the top of theatre industry standard. The Martha Cohen Theatre was named after the late Dr. Martha Cohen ($1M donated by her husband in honour of her birthday).

This venue has limited rental dates

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