WOC: A Sisterhood & In Still Time

Fri December 7 - Fri March 1, 2019
WOC: A Sisterhood & In Still Time

Arts Commons Presents
Broadcast Lab

WOC: A Sisterhood & In Still Time
Iman Bukhari & Leslie Supnet

Location: On the Arts Commons three video monitors:

+15 pedway; second level of Jack Singer Concert Hall west end
West end of Jack Singer Concert Hall main floor foyer
Near Ca’Puccini Café and the stained glass window

Dates: December 7, 2018 - March 1, 2019
Artist Reception: Friday, March 1st, 7-10PM, Hub Room at Arts Commons.

The idea for WOC: A Sisterhood started from Iman Bukhari’s personal experiences growing up and realizing that women of colour experience the world differently in western society, and these experiences bring them closer together. This avant grade film captures personal dream-like macro photos and videos of various women of colour in bright lights to show them in a way they aren't normally seen - in vibrance. The video tells a collaborative story of struggle and triumph for each woman

In Still Time is an experimental animation that investigates the catastrophic image and spectacle through direct animation of still images onto 16mm film. The film uses still images found on the internet from the current Syrian civil war; these were laser printed directly onto the film, simultaneously abstracting these images and re-animating them. These images are juxtaposed with audio from news sources, interviews and YouTube videos posted by Syrian civilians, activists and journalists on the ground of different events that have taken place during the crisis. Through clues of shape, line, colour, and sound these abstracted images of catastrophe attempt to facilitate questions about the moral imperative to look, our ability or inability to bear witness to unthinkable human suffering and our complicity in the violence documented in the image. What are the limits of the catastrophic image? How can trauma and the unthinkable ever be properly represented? How do we give meaning to an event that stops and disrupts time?

Artist Biographies

Iman Bukhari has a Masters in Multimedia Communications and is the CEO of the Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation, along with her regular 9 - 5 job. As a multimedia artist, she has had the opportunity to create projects for 10+ years and recently received the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation's 30 under 30 award.

Leslie Supnet is a moving-image artist who utilizes animation, found media, and experimental practices on film and video. Her work has shown internationally at film festivals, galleries and microcinemas including TIFF (Short Cuts Canada), International Film Festival Rotterdam, Melbourne International Animation Festival, Experimenta India, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, WNDX, Edge of Frame/Animate Projects, and many others. Leslie has an MFA from York University and teaches analog and digital animation at various artist-run centres, not-for-profits and for the Faculty of Art and Continuing Studies at OCAD University.