Constructed Nature

Fri February 1 - Thu February 28, 2019
Constructed Nature

Arts Commons Presents
The +15 Soundscape

Constructed Nature
Kyle Hinton


Location: +15 Hallway (Near Alberta Theatre Projects and Theatre Calgary offices in Arts Commons) 
Date: March 1 - April 29, 2019
Artist Reception: March 1, 2019 (7:00pm - 10:00pm) in the Hub at Arts Commons

Arts Commons Presents brings a new media art sound installation to the +15 hallway that will take you on a journey of meditation. This 15-speaker multiambient music installation was designed specifically for the Arts Commons +15 Walkway and is dedicated to the memory of Richard McDowell and Michael Green.


This soundscape is called “constructed nature”. It’s a multi-dimensional soundscape, made from a collection of thunderstorm samples that have been gathered over the years. It is named “Constructed Nature” because all the samples were taken in an urban environment. While tinkering with the samples, it felt more like constructing nature than re-creating it.

The soundscape is an expression of how distant humans are from pure nature. “Constructed Nature” is about how there is a pure definition of “nature”, that is both necessary and unobtainable to us. It is necessary because we need to visualize an ideal form of nature, that we can infinitely go towards. Without a pure definition of nature, we could make up whatever we want about it, and this happens a lot in politics. It becomes a word that can be used in a strategy. So, a true definition, or pure definition is necessary so that it can have substance that is greater than strategy and politics. It becomes something worthwhile to always try to obtain and to accept we will never obtain it.

A laptop instrument was created with a video game joystick to play and affect the Thunder samples. It was made in Max/Msp and it can be an interactive sound installation, if desired. To create the track, I recorded myself using the Thunderstorm Patch/instrument, and then did some processing and editing in Ableton.

Artist Biography

Kyle Hinton is a Chinese Canadian, Multi-Disciplined artist who is dedicated to sound and theatre art. He is always tinkering with sound; jotting down ideas, stories and dreams; and programming – things.

As a multi-disciplined artist, he is always creating. Kyle produces electronic music as Simulations. He’s gotten to present sound at Arts Commons, in the past, at Soundasaurus 2012 and 2013. He has also created sound for multiple theatre projects and multi-disciplinary projects at events like Ignite! 2017. He puppeteers for “The Suitcase Theatre Arcade” with Calgary Animated Objects Society; “The Echo Location Station” was sound installation at Telus Spark’s, Monster Mash; “Absurdable Universe” A play reading that was presented at Ignite! in 2016 and workshopped with Chromatic Theatre in 2015. He also operates a website called