Sat March 16, 2019 - 1:00 PM

Festival of Animated Objects Presents

Produced and Created by Juanita Dawn and Monica Ila

SATURDAY MARCH 16, 2019 1:00PM

AGE: All Ages

The Bench, a twenty minute play, is delightful and entertaining and will make you smile while causing you to reflect on societal values. In this production a simple bench is the center point at which lives revolve around.

This performance explores what happens when one person decides that another is not worthy of the bench. This play demonstrates how one simple structure can affect the lives of so many people and explores the ideals of what makes a true community.

The Bench made its debut at the OUF! Puppet Festival in Montreal in 2018 - demonstrating that little shows can make a big impact. The play was transported to Montreal in three suitcases and featured a “Puppet Per Minute” (PPM). We timed it, proved it and coined the phrase.

Ideal for: Performances, , recitals, rehearsals, workshops, and receptions
Capacity: 50 
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible
Included: Fully customizable lighting; user-driven space with no technical support provided 

Motel is an intimate, 50-seat black-box theatre located in the heart of downtown Calgary on the mezzanine level of Arts Commons, across the hall from One Yellow Rabbit's Big Secret Theatre. Instantly recognizable by its charming motel-style sign, Motel Theatre is the home of Downstage who curate the space as an affordable home for smaller theatre and performance companies in Calgary. 

This venue is in high demand with limited rental dates. If you are interested in renting this space, please first visit for further information then contact Jessie Paynter, Production Manager,, 403.294.7459.