The Lost Hours

Sun September 22 - Sun September 22, 2019
The Lost Hours

Dalí-inspired interactive performance by 8ROJO makes its Calgary debut as part of Beakerhead 2019

8ROJO is an award-winning Canadian visual performance ensemble.The group has developed a unique style with its interdisciplinary performances for intimate spaces, which combine imaginative artistry and innovative creations.

Based on the childhood memoirs of Salvador Dalí and his sister Ana María, ‘The Lost Hours’ is an installation performance simulating a dark ride for a single audience member at a time. The performance features visuals in motion based on Dalí's theories of space and dimension, involving the audience in a unique interactive environment.

The experience imagines that our human memories, upon the approach of death, will blend with forgotten scenes from childhood to rescue all that is lost. 'The Lost Hours' combines performance art, mask work, and physical theatre to portray the vibrancy reflected within our early childhood moments. A fantastical plea to the ticking clock of life where all of the audience's senses are challenged in order to internalize the experience. A reawakening to moments when time was our best friend, when an afternoon playing could last as long as we desired. Then to face our ultimate challenge: watching the extinction of our innocence fading into the inevitable.

'The Lost Hours' makes its Calgary premiere after receiving the 'Innovation in Performance' award at the 2016 STOFF Festival in Stockholm, Sweden, 'The Lost Hours’ also represented Canada at the 2ème Biennale of Mime and Gesture in Paris, France, in 2017.

Presented as part of Beakerhead 2019.