Troo Knot - Tungle

Sat May 25, 2019 - 8:00 PM
Troo Knot - Tungle

Troo Knot - Tungle

Calgary based entertainer, Troo Knot, has gathered a massive squad of talent for this upcoming album release at Big Secret Theatre.

Tungle will be packed with jungle infused grooves, enchanting melodies, and over 40 wild dancers to bring the magnificent sounds to life. But Tungle isn’t just an album. Tungle is a science experiment gone wrong… or right.

Dr. Pillogamy is a wanna-be scientist who has been hired by a wanna-be gangster named Jesus to create a monkey-man; a man who is also a monkey. Jesus expects Dr. Pillogamy to introduce this science experiment to the public on Saturday, May 25th at Big Secret Theatre.

Join Troo Knot and friends for a memorable evening of music, dance, science fiction, and comedy.

Ideal for: Performances, lectures, workshops
Capacity: 165 – Theatre-style seating
Accessibility: Theatre seating includes wheelchair accessible seats
Included: customizable theatre lighting and A/V options, event planning support 

The Big Secret Theatre is not a secret anymore and at one point it wasn't even a theatre! The space, hidden away on the +15 level of Arts Commons was originally designed to function as a lounge. In 1987, One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre approached Arts Commons seeking space and the lounge space was leased to them on a trial basis. Today the company calls the Big Secret Theatre their permanent home. 

This venue has limited rental dates, to inquire about renting this space, please contact Johanne Deleeuw at or 403-264-3224, ext. 4370.

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