Unhelpful Disguises

Mon February 25 - Wed May 1, 2019
Unhelpful Disguises

Arts Commons Presents
Lightbox Studio

Unhelpful Disguises
Jackie Huskisson

Lightbox Studio (Beside the Martha Cohen Theatre) 
Dates: February 25 - May 1, 2019
Artist Reception: TBD

While I was pursuing my Masters I was working on a series of drawings that I called Unhelpful Disguises. The inspiration behind the drawings was an exploration into my fascination with absurdity. The type of absurdity I am referring to is the one outlined by Kierkegaard is that life is ultimately futile, as we are limited to our own experiences. As we cannot actually escape the reality that we have given ourselves, I am interested in creating a perception of infinite possibility with narration, by displaying the complexity of the universe that we are presented with, to illustrate the point of departure from the world while remaining in it. With Unhelpful Disguises I wanted to convey the absence of immediacy. When dissecting the heart of the absurd, we reveal the basis being of subjectivity and doubt. When I refer to the absurd, I mean the subjective state of being that centers on the individual that allows embraces for logical inconsistency and contradictions. Was the narrative around the creatures in Unhelpful Disguises something thought out beforehand or created after? The ambiguity results in doubt, which is necessary to the work. They exist in a world of unresolved moments of bathos. During my time at the Light-box studio I will be researching and experimenting with drawing, text and installation. I want to expand upon my drawing practice by exploring and incorporating text into my work. I want to explore how I could use narrative in a new perspective for my practice, not just following standard comic, or writing formats, but to find an innovative new way that I could use to tell an abstract narrative, that I can ultimately display in a gallery and printed form.

I will be working towards making an experimental art book, filled with drawings with and without text, comics and stand-alone text that explores the ideas stated above. I want to create a hardcover book that is an experiment with my concepts. As well I would like to make stand-alone drawings to accompany the book, as I would like to create an installation. By what I mean by installation is by displaying the artwork in a different creative way such as new hanging methods like bringing the drawings off the wall. For example, the Transmit exhibition for the original Unhelpful Disguises I made the drawings float with nails and magnets, other ideas would be making the drawings into sculpture, have them protrude from the walls by cutting them out or suspending them with wire. I want to use the time and space to really experiment with what I could do with all these ideas. For reference, Walter Scott, a Canadian artist who explores comics, performance and sculpture, has inspired me ever since he exhibited in the Stride Gallery in 2015. His use of comics, (both printed and displayed) alongside sculpture and paintings has led me to want to explore how I could do something similar with my practice. What methods I will be using to display the work is unknown at the moment, as I like my work to progress organically and whatever I ultimately decide on to display will be influenced by what works best for that particular image.
The drawings, sketches, installation experiments and notes will be displayed so the public can view the development of the project. As well I will be posting on my website and social media. The drawings will be digital and hand drawn with watercolors, and any other medium I find inspiring at the time.

Artist Biography: 

Jacqueline was born and raised in Calgary and started her artistic career with a B.F.A in 2011 from the Alberta College of art and Design. Looking for a challenge she migrated to the emerald isles, and in 2017, earning a M.F.A from the Belfast School of Art. Jacqueline is an interdisciplinary artist; she dabbles in drawing, comics and digital media. Recent exhibitions include Absurd Walls at Alberta Printmakers and she is the recipient of the Scott Leroux for Media Arts Exploration from Video Pool in Winnipeg. Currently Jacqueline pursues a studio practice in Calgary and is awaiting her next adventure.


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