Fri May 3 - Fri June 28, 2019

Arts Commons Presents
Lightbox Studio

Tiffany Wollman

Lightbox Studio (Beside the Martha Cohen Theatre) 
Dates: May 3 - June 28, 2019
Artist Reception: Friday, March 1st 7-10PM, HUB at Arts Commons.

The Landscape from Here, is a painted exploration and portrait of the Canadian Prairies and Rocky Mountains. The rich colors found in nature, how light filters though the trees, the Rocky Mountains protruding, distorting the horizon line, the low hanging clouds in the mountains, the big bue skies of the prairies, vast fields, and the abstractions of lines and shapes found in the trees and rivers. It is a study of Nature’s subtleties and depth. An experimentation in representation while looking at art history and showcasing the beauty found in the landscape in and near to Calgary Alberta.

Investigations in Practice I want to stylistically explore representing landscape and nature. I am interested in the ideas and painting techniques in Romanticism (embracing emotional intensity, subjectivity, and the imagination) as well as Impressionism (striving to capture the transient aspects of visual reality, especially light and color). As well I would like to experiment with different compositions in representing landscape. For research and reference I will be looking at such artists as Francisco de Goya, J.W.M. Turner, Eugene Delacroix, Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, and late Canadian artists Clarence A. Gagnon, Tom Thomson, James Wilson Morrice and Walter Phillips.
Over the two months I will paint approximately 12 oil paintings. Ranging in size from 18 x 18 inches to 48 x 36 inches.

In the Lightbox Studio The public will see on the walls prints of photographs I have taken. Drawings based off of the photographs or from studies done while on a walk outdoors or hike. There maybe a few natural items such as; stones and branches in the studio. Interesting quotes or sentences related to my art practice in general or ideas I have will be written on post it notes. Any books I am looking at I will keep near the window. They will witness me working through my paintings, starting with vague under paintings and drawn outlines. In the studio the public will see my paints, squeeze bottles of painting mediums, glass jars of brushes, painting mediums, box of gloves, pads of disposable palettes, pads of canvas paper, a chair, a stool, maybe a table, a rolling table, a plinth, my laptop, maybe a projector for a moment, stretched canvases, and finished paintings hung on the wall.

Artist Biography: 

Tiffany Wollman graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design with distinction in 2013. She won the BMO 1st! Art Student Invitational Competition representing Alberta, exhibiting her sculptural "Pipe" painting at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in 2013. Wollman's work was included in Kim Dorland's curation of "Voted Most Likely" at Contemporary Calgary in 2014. Her "Circle of Dancers" interactive and kinetic installation was displayed at Contemporary Calgary's LOOK 2016 fundraising event and The City Of Calgary's 2016 New Year's Eve Celebrations. Calgary Arts Development awarded her a Small Experiments Grant in 2017. Experimenting with underwater photography to produce a body of paintings of the female form underwater. In 2018 she will be producing a small body of Canadian Winter themed paintings during her Calgary Allied Arts Foundation Residency at Cspace.

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