Everything Turns, Don't Look Back, and BLUE FILM2 ((in stasis))

Sat March 21 - Sun August 30, 2020
Everything Turns, Don't Look Back, and BLUE FILM2 ((in stasis))

Arts Commons Presents
Broadcast Lab

Everything Turns, Don't Look Back, and BLUE FILM2 ((in stasis))
by Aaron Zeghers
Artifact Small Format Film
Festival in partnership with CSIF

 Broadcast Lab
Dates: March 21 - TBD
Artist Reception: Postponed

Everything Turns
A shorthand study of the mythology of numbers, from 1 to 12. Scientific
tradition is adopted then eschewed for rumours, legends, and defunct theories
from across the ages. The camera pens a year-long record of space,
movement and the passing of time in historic locations around the world.
This almanac of anthropomorphic numerology is recorded in-camera
onto Super 8, using open exposure photography, light painting, light
table animation, paper animation, hand drawn animation and more. Just
like Richter nearly 100 years ago, we will discover that everything turns,
everything revolves, and everything feels the deep score of time.

Don't Look Back
An experimental animation created using silhouettes, a light table and
open exposure photography. Many thanks to Andy Smetanka

BLUE FILM2 ((in stasis))
A hibernation meditation as blue as the coldest winter. Created with the
franken-milne strobe-o-scopic LED contact printer on 16mm. Thanks to
Andrew Milne.

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