Fear of the Unknown

Mon February 10 - Sun August 30, 2020
Fear of the Unknown

Arts Commons Presents
Education Gallery

Fear of the Unknown
by Anthony R.

 Education Gallery 
Dates: Feb 10 - TBD
Artist Reception: Postponed

Exhibition Statement
I am a 17 year old Jamaican student from Bishop O’ Byrne high school. In my art I explore the topic
of #BlackLivesMatter along with racial and social injustices within the black community.
I strive to confront and question the way African American men and women are treated in today’s
society, not only in the United States but also in Canada. As a young black man, I show black
empowerment in minority groups. I also speak on the subject of interracial violence in the black
community and try to show how intolerable it is.

When people see my art I try to give a glimpse of what it’s like to be a young black man. I want
them to feel as if they are part of our community and they have experienced our hardships.
This exhibition made possible with our arts partners at the Calgary Catholic School District.


@LearnatAC / #PowerOfTheArts / @CCSD_edu

(in the +15 hall across from the Hub)

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