Girl Brain

Sat April 4, 2020 - 8:00 PM
Girl Brain


Girl Brain has taken off since their April 2018 debut in Edmonton. In addition to selling out every single one of their shows at the Grindstone Theatre, they were named “Best Comedy Show, 2018” in the last issue of Vue Weekly’s Best of Edmonton and their short film, “Herpes”, shot with Catapult Pictures was shortlisted at the Edmonton Short Film Festival and nominated for an AMPIA Award.

Earlier this year, they welcomed CAROLYN TAYLOR from Baroness Von Sketch (CBC) as their guest Girl Brain- these special weekend of shows sold out in record time! Since then, they have appeared at the Toronto Sketchfest, Philly Sketchfest and Central Florida Sketchfest, as well as headlining at the Handsome Daughter in Winnipeg. They will return to the Toronto Sketchfest in March, 2020.

In addition, they sold out their weekend of shows at the Citadel Theatre as part of their House Series this past November- the first two shows sold out so quickly that they ended up adding an extra show on the Thursday! Now, they are excited to join the Roxy Performance Series at Theatre Network with their debut show on December 14 being a holiday themed spectacular!

‘Anyone can find a Girl Brain show funny. Each performer is wildly talented, doing things like adopting accents with ease, using strange body language or facial cues, and writing absurd situations that we have all unfortunately found ourselves in.’ -Stephan Boissonneault, VUE Weekly

Girl Brain Sketch Comedy is a collection of observational, situational and sensational humour from the hearts and minds of three fine Albertan ladies! Written, directed and performed by Alyson Dicey, Ellie Heath and Caley Suliak, their shows explore all the finest and goriest bits of a Girl’s Brain through sketch comedy.

“Dreams, the absurdity, the hypocrisies of the world, dating, relationships, the craziness of theatre... all of it a rich vein of raw material that (Ellie) Heath, Alyson Dicey and Caley Suliak are happy to mine.” -Liz Nicholls, 12th Night.

This group has seen great success in their short time together.In addition, they’ve appeared front page in all of the popular arts and culture publications in Edmonton in addition to being regular fixtures on Edmonton AM (CBC Radio).

“Arguably the hottest comedy act happening in the city, the sketch comedy trio of Alyson Dicey, Caley Suliak, and Ellie Heath are the talented gals who provide the laughs about everyday life situations.” -Lucy Haines, DAZE Magazine

Ideal for: Performances, presentations, lectures, weddings
Capacity: 185 – Theatre-style seating 150 – Cocktail reception  80 - dinner
Stage: Stage measures 11’ deep x 34’ wide 
Accessibility: Theatre seating includes wheelchair accessible seats
Included: customizable theatre lighting, standard room set-up, private lobby, event planning support 

Completed in 1994 the Engineered Air Theatre carries on the tradition of having a theatre located in its exact location for over 100 years, even incorporating rescued decorative elements from the old Empress Theatre into both its theatre and lobby design. In the summer of 2016, the Engineered Air had a face lift with the comfier chairs and updated décor.