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Arts Commons Presents
+15 Soundscape

Peter Moller

 +15 Soundscape
Dates: TBA
Artist Reception: TBA

Artist Statement
In 1958, when I was a boy, my family emigrated via boat and rail from Copenhagen, Denmark. What was to be a one or two year stay became a lifetime living in Alberta. Sixty years after our arrival, my father Paul passed away.

1958 is a meditation on the many years we have lived here. The piece is a reflective tone poem representing thoughts of travel, arrival, adaptation, growth and inevitable endings.

1958 also mirrors the good fortune I have experienced as an artist working in Calgary for over 40 years.

Artist Bio
Peter Moller has run Egg Press Co., a Calgary-based graphic and sound design establishment, since 1976. He is the recipient of a number of Betty Mitchell and Elizabeth Sterling Haynes awards and nominations for his theatre sound designs, and has collaborated with many diverse theatre companies and artists in Calgary and across Canada. To view and listen to examples of his work: eggpress.ca


(near the scene shop on the +15 level)

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