Art of Protest

Tue December 1, 2020 - 1:22 PM
Art of Protest

Arts Commons Presents 
Lightbox Studio

Art of Protest
Nicole Wolf

Location: Lightbox Studio
Dates: TBA
Artist Reception: TBA

Artist Statement:
In June 2020, I collaborated with conflict photojournalist Gavin John to create an independent visual storytelling project on location from inside the CHOP/CHAZ protests in Seattle, WA. Armed respectively with a sketchbook and camera, we spent two weeks capturing mixed media portraits, photographs and hours of conversations with residents, protesters and police officers.

This exhibition features photographs, live portraits and mixed media interpretations of the architecture and subjects involved, including residents, protesters, police officers, and the alleged warlord of CHOP “Raz” Simone, who was (in his own words) “seen to be the central figure in ground zero of the largest civil rights movement in history”. In an effort to explore the workings behind the increasing protests spanning the United States, the work displays conflicting quotes drawn from hours of intimate and exclusive conversations with prominent individuals, without comment or censorship.

Thanks to documents provided by Arts Commons, we were only the third persons to be granted entry into the United States for journalism purposes since the beginning of COVID-19. We'd like to express our gratitude for their assistance.

We’d also like to thank the many persons we met in CHOP/CHAZ, who trusted us to share their stories.

Artist Bio:
Nicole Wolf is a visual storyteller with a passion for sharing underreported stories. For three months in 2016, she conducted live drawings and interviews while inside Syrian refugee camps and conflict zones in Turkey, and published a book about her findings. She holds an associate degree in Fine Art at Grant MacEwan University and a Visual Communications degree from the Alberta University for the Arts. She creates comics, editorial illustration, and murals in downtown Calgary, where she works out of a generally messy home studio.