Nuestras Caras (Our Faces)

Sat May 1 - Wed September 15, 2021
Nuestras Caras (Our Faces)

Arts Commons Presents
Education Gallery

Nuestras Caras (Our Faces)
By Daniela Szeőke

Location: Education Gallery

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Nuestras Caras (Our Faces) is an exploration of the traditional and contemporary “faces” of Latin America that are often hidden from the rest of the world. Each “face” was inspired by a different historical period, ranging from the Pre-Columbian era to the year 2020. I was inspired by my Venezuelan background to combine historical and contemporary elements from various Latin cultures to explore narratives about identity, beauty, multiculturalism, life, and death. Predominantly, these narratives illustrate the tendency of Latin cultures to react to death by focusing on the beauty of life. This theme was inspired by my experiences with complex situations, such as the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis—and now the COVID-19 outbreak—which have taught me a lot about the strength of the Latin culture. I have noticed that as these situations worsen over time, and people continue to lose access to essentials, the only thing Latinos cannot lose is their passion for celebrating life.

At 18 years of age, Daniela Szeőke is one of the youngest artists to ever exhibit at the Arts Commons. Szeőke has been producing art since she was 3 years old and she has won first and second place in numerous art competitions at the provincial and national levels. Her awards include first place in the Environmental Artworks Foundation of Alberta 2013 Poster Contest and second place in the national 2020 AUArts ShowOff! Szeőke has also excelled academically from a young age; she went from being the top of her junior high’s gifted class to being the valedictorian of her high school.

Through her art, studies, and volunteer work, Szeőke promotes multiculturalism and the representation of minority groups. Szeőke credits her Venezuelan-Hungarian background and family connection as the main source of her artistic inspiration. When she is not studying for university, Szeőke works at the Hispanic Arts Society as the Communications and Media Coordinator of Expo Latino, which is Western Canada’s Largest Latin Festival.

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