Who Am I? Voices of Calgary Hispanic Artists

Sat May 1 - Mon September 27, 2021
Who Am I? Voices of Calgary Hispanic Artists

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Broadcast Lab

Who Am I? Voices of Calgary Hispanic Artists
Artists: Ameli Pereira, Antares Ramirez, Jessica Armas, Lily Sigie, Mayeli Piña, Rocio Graham, Cecilia Barboza, Geraldine Fuenmayor, Hortensia Barrios

Location: Broadcast Lab

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Who am I? Voices of Calgary Hispanic Artists is a community-based project co-directed and facilitated by Cecilia Barboza and Geraldine Fuenmayor, and mentored by Hortensia Barrios. This project empowered six (6) women artists from the Calgary area and from the Spanish spoken community, in the use of digital storytelling to create more compelling stories about themselves and about finding their voices as artists.

The project was carried out through a six-week online workshop, where the participants wrote about them as artists to finally create a digital story under the guidance of the facilitators. These stories (3 to 4 minutes videos) involved the creation of well-developed narratives using multiple resources (text, voice, images, sounds and music).

The workshop provided the participants with knowledge about what is digital storytelling, their applications and components and the steps for creating a successful one. They were coached to record their voices according to the narrative of their stories. They also were trained in the use of specialized software for integrating all the pieces into a video, editing visuals, sound, voice and text to produce their digital story. Post-production was finalized by the facilitators.

We are grateful for the opportunity to lead this artistic project that offered more visibility to the artists, allowing their voices to be heard and shared with the audience, but it also provided interaction with the Spanish speaking audience in Alberta and in other parts of the world.

We appreciated that the artists were willing to explore authentic and intimate moments in their life that shed light on their creative journey and share them with the audience through their digital stories.

The artists supported each other during the workshop and grew up in community. They all have different levels of experience as artists, but they push them past their comfort zone and they all created unique digital stories that dive into their artistic identity.

We are thankful with several organizations that supported this project in different ways. It was sponsored by the Rozsa Foundation and the Calgary Arts Development Authority. The videos were showcased online in two virtual exhibitions during the year 2020. The first exhibition, was broadcasted on October 2020, hosted by Casa Mexico Foundation and the second one, on November 2020 by SpanicArts Organization. In addition, it had for the support and collaboration of the Immigrant Council for Arts Innovation. This support recognizes our contribution to the artistic landscape of Alberta, making it more diverse and multicultural.

We as the directors believe that this project became bigger than just a project we made in 2020. We actually see it as the starting point of a group called “the Artists of who am I?”. We will keep looking for opportunities to share our projects and keep promoting our work, since together we are stronger and better.