Works Created in Isolation, Where the Forest is Thickest (& Portrait after Four Seasons), UnBelonging in my Fatherland, Soul of the Rockies

Sat May 1 - Sun July 4, 2021
Works Created in Isolation, Where the Forest is Thickest (& Portrait after Four Seasons), UnBelonging in my Fatherland, Soul of the Rockies

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Works Created in Isolation, Where the Forest is Thickest (& Portrait after Four Seasons), UnBelonging in my Fatherland, Soul of the Rockies

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Works Created in Isolation
By Amy Webber

Through my oil paintings, I put on canvas the emotions and moods I cannot put into words. Even though our emotions may not always feel beautiful - they can be painful, overwhelming, and complex - I believe there is beauty in the fact that as humans, we can feel such a wide range and depth of emotion. My work is centred around figures and portraiture, often with a focus on hands, lips, and evocative body positioning. My current works make use of dark shadows and raking light to emphasize form and elicit drama.

Where the Forest is Thickest (& Portrait after Four Seasons)
By Christopher Savage

Christopher Savage is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes drawing, collage, ceramics, and installation. Savage’s fragmented graphic images and sculptures draw inspiration from a variety of sources including psychology, philosophy, classic literature, and art history. The symbols and figures depicted offer open ended narratives that explore the nature of the self through themes of transformation, both constructive and destructive. Savage’s installations unfold in rhizome like patterns, evoking an ethereal strangeness that seeks to make visible the multiplicities, fluidity and depth of human experience.

UnBelonging in my Fatherland
By Nabila Walji

My creative work centres and interrogates identity, culture, discrimination and community in a combined academic-artistic photographic and writing practice. As a woman of colour, born and raised in Canada, my belonging has constantly been challenged. Photography in East Africa was a means of searching for home in my Fatherland. Writing about my experiences helped me process the multitude of contradictions that surrounded my in-between positions. UnBelonging in my Fatherland relies on this complex positionality of being a Canadian-South-Asian-East-African, and seeks to educate others about my commonly misrepresented culture by evoking the universality of unbelonging.

Soul of the Rockies
By Nicole Kurceba

I express personal moments by painting abstract compositions in vivid colour on unique materials. I first physically explore a location, then I meditate to soak in the subject, and then sketch what arrives in my mind. My compositions and colour pallets are formed while meditating during the planning process as well as during my time painting. I choose shapes that symbolize landmarks or meanings (such as lens flares representing “spirit orbs” blessing the location), I paint organic brush marks and paint drips to resemble the natural lines found in nature, and I paint on unique materials (such as wood or plexiglass) to further represent my experience (such as plexiglass being a “looking glass” into my meditation). The combination of my love for the outdoors, yoga, and art has resulted in my painting process.

Amy Webber
is a self-taught emerging artist, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. After studying and working in the fields of psychology and neuroscience for nearly a decade, Amy began to dedicate herself to her artwork in 2018. Since then, she has transitioned from painting landscapes and seascapes using pastel, to a focus on painting figurative work using oils. Her paintings have been collected in different corners of the globe, including Finland, Australia, the UK, and various parts of the United States and Canada.

Christopher Savage completed his Diploma in Visual Art at Camosun College in 2012 and his BFA at the University of Victoria in 2014. In 2018, he completed his MFA at the University of Calgary. Savage has attended residencies and exhibited his work both nationally and internationally. His work is held in private collections in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. He received an Alberta Foundation for the Arts Graduate Scholarship in 2017, a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in 2018, an Office of the Vice-president Thesis Research Grant in 2018, and a Banff Centre Artist Award for BAiR in 2018. He currently resides and works in Calgary.

Nabila Walji is an Albertan photographer and writer whose art centres and interrogates questions of identity, belonging, community, marginalization, mental health, race and diaspora. She is passionate about art’s power to educate and engage the public on social issues. Working in international development in Kenya, her storytelling featured resilient youth, teachers, farmers, entrepreneurs and organizations who are leading social change in their communities. Her other projects include: ethics is visual representations, BIPOC Canadian identities, and the #NairobianProject. As part of an ongoing double Masters program in the United Kingdom, she will be completing graduate studies in Anthropology at Oxford University next year to deepen the linkage between her artistic and academic practice.

Nicole Kurceba has a diverse background composed of a Bachelor in Business Administration from Acadia University, a Yoga Teacher 200hr certification, and a Post-Baccalaureate in Fine Arts (Painting) at NSCAD University. She is now pursuing a professional arts career in Calgary as a mother of two young daughters. This diversity in education and lifestyle has cultivated her unique artistic process. Nicole has been selected by juries to exhibit at recognized galleries such as the Art Gallery of Alberta and the Teichert Gallery at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Nicole was chosen as an artist in Alberta’s RBC Emerging Visual Artists Program. Most recently Nicole received a municipal grant for a community-involved painting, where she painted an outdoor mural with the participation of over 150 local residents.

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