We are committed to making your Arts Commons experience into a cherished memory. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we receive. Should you need further assistance to purchase tickets, select seats, or have questions about what to expect at your chosen performance, please give our Ticketing Services a call at 403-294-9494. We'd be happy to help. 

Can I use a ticket saved on my mobile to enter a performance? What are my options?

Arts Commons offers three options for obtaining and using your ticket to enter a performance.

The first is to have them mailed to you. Subscriptions are often renewed in the spring, but tickets may not be mailed until the fall, once the season is underway. This reduces how many tickets get lost or go missing. Single tickets are usually received in the mail within 10 days of purchase.

The second option is to print at home. The entire ticket must be printed from the PDF you receive by email if this option is selected. If you would like to use the ticket on your phone, please ensure that you do not take a screen capture of the ticket on your phone or a photo of a printed ‘print-at-home’ ticket. Our scanners are technologically advanced, but barcodes are sensitive and we need them in their original format in order for the scanners to pick up the details. Please save the PDF to your phone or keep it in your email and bring it up when you arrive. If your phone is cracked or if you are unable to increase the brightness on your phone, a print-at-home ticket saved to your phone may not work. Please print and bring with you to the performance.

The third option is to pick up your tickets at Will Call on the night of the show. Note that there are often lineups, so we encourage you to arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of the performance.

Do you have student or senior rates?

At Arts Commons, we are proud to be able to bring emerging and world-renowned artists, from around the globe, to our stages for the enjoyment of our community, and do everything we can to make these valuable arts experiences financially accessible. Thanks to the generosity of Arts Commons Presents donors, sponsors, and granting partners, we are able to cover a substantial amount of the cost, significantly reducing the ticket price for you. While there is no standing student or senior discount, every resident company in the Arts Commons building and every client who rents our space has their own marketing and sales strategy, with a variety of offers and opportunities to attend a performance, including senior and student rates. To keep up to date and not miss out, please sign up for our e-newsletter and/or follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube).

Why can’t I buy a ticket to all performances at Arts Commons at the main box office?

Tickets for Arts Commons Presents, Downstage, and One Yellow Rabbit, as well as most touring shows or events happening at Arts Commons may be purchased through the main Arts Commons central box office. Tickets for Alberta Theatre Projects, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and Theatre Calgary must be purchased through them directly. Alberta Theatre Projects can be reached at 403-294-7402 or tickets@atplive.com. Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra can be reached at 403-571-0270. And Theatre Calgary can be reached at 403-294-7447. Theatre Calgary also has a window at the central box office for purchasing tickets.

Should you have any questions about where and how to obtain tickets to any event, please call our box office at 403-294-9494.

Why are the fees sometimes included in the price and sometimes not?

Every organization that books an event in our spaces has the choice to include fees in the ticket price or leave them to be calculated at time of purchase. Resident companies Arts Commons Presents, One Yellow Rabbit, and Downstage all have their fees rolled into the ticket price. Many touring artists and organizations renting our space choose to have the fees calculated at checkout.

I have noticed in the Jack Singer Concert Hall that some rows are narrower than others, some seats are higher than others, some have cup holders, and some don’t. How can I ensure the seat I choose is the best fit for me?

When we replaced the seats in the Jack Singer Concert Hall in 2018, we maximized the 35 year old space to provide more comfort (wider seats overall) while ensuring we didn’t lose capacity and adhered to current building code regulations. On the orchestra level, the space between rows is uniform and any differences in seat height or width are marginal. In the upper levels (mezzanine, dress circle, upper circle, balcony) there is some difference in heights for seats and seat backs, depending on the acoustic needs, and the slope and infrastructure with which we were able to install the seats. In these sections, the rows closest to the front railing/stage have the narrowest passageways and few of those narrower rows have cup holders, as per building and fire codes. Cup holders are not available on the aisle seats, as there is nowhere to mount them. Should you have special seating requirements, please contact our box office at 403-294-9494.

I purchased tickets to an upcoming show, but I cannot find my confirmation email and am not sure if the tickets were attached to the email or if I can pick-up at Will Call. The charge went through on my credit card, so how can I get my tickets?

Please contact our box office at 403-294-9494 for any ticketing inquiries and we would be happy to help!

When I purchased my tickets, I selected Best Available, but when I got to the performance, there were much better seats open! Why wasn’t I offered better seats?

When you select “Purchase Best Available Seating”, you are asked to select a price level within to find the best seats available. Only seats available at that price level will be searched. If you wish to see what seats are available elsewhere, select a section and it will show you which are available. However, on the night of the show, it is true that sometimes it looks as though some seats are empty and look available. These seats may be at a different price level than you chose, belong to people who have paid for their tickets but were unable to attend at the last minute, may appear to be better but could have identified sightline issues, or be holds for the visiting artists that we are required to set aside for them. Our ticketing services staff can always help you select an appropriate seat for your needs – please call our box office at 403-294-9494.

I would have really enjoyed the show more last night if the people seated behind me weren’t talking throughout it. Can you please ask people to stop talking?

Our ushers do their best to provide a positive and comfortable experience for all our patrons. However, we are not always able to control the behaviour of others. If you do have an issue with where you are seated, please see one of our ushers and they will do their best to accommodate your needs.

The Jack Singer Concert Hall is a beautiful venue and the sound quality is typically very good. But every now and then I attend a performance that is just too loud, or too quiet, or one instrument or voice is overpowering the others. Why is the sound so inconsistent?

While we have a team of in-house sound technicians with decades of experience, most touring shows bring their own sound technicians. The acoustics of the Jack Singer Concert Hall are close to perfect, but with every show that comes to Arts Commons, there are different needs and nuances. We do our best to support every artist and technician that comes into our space, but there is always a little bit of trial and error that comes with putting on a professional production in a different performance space one night to the next.

I really wish you had more of a wine selection!

Being wine lovers ourselves, we would love nothing more than to provide a full roster of wines to select from! As we are a performance hall, however, and not a restaurant or bar, we are unable to stock a wide range of varieties of product. This is both a space and a quality issue. We do have three varieties to select from at all our performances, for each red and white. Please ask your server about your options.

Still have questions? Give us a call at 403-294-9494.