Name and Visual Identity

Arts Commons represents “the Arts” which expands our offering beyond the performing arts to a wider variety of arts and genres. “Commons” is derived from the old town square concept where ideas are shared, people from all walks of life gather, and different perspectives are welcomed – the perfect name for our space.

The visual identity is centered on the concept of boundless creativity, which is embodied by the collection of resident companies who call this Arts Commons home, the patrons and community organizations who use the building, and the space as a whole.

Graphically, the slanted bar (axis) represents a stage and the dynamic elements to the left of that stage represent the ever-changing artistic content. The axis may also be referred to as a window or a door to creativity. This allows for endless possibilities for expression and provides opportunities for co-creation.

Below you will find our Visual Identity Guide and Logo package.

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Arts Commons Visual Identity Guide