Arts Commons Presents: Winter Exhibitions Challenge Perspective and Perception

December 12, 2019

For Immediate Release
December 12, 2019

Arts Commons Presents:  

Winter Exhibitions Challenge Perspective and Perception

CALGARY – For the winter season, Arts Commons Presents invites you inside to visit the Ledge Gallery, Lightbox Studio, and Window Galleries for their newest installations by artists Elijah Wells, Avril Lopez, Abi Buchberger, Kaitlyn Copithorne, Nada Khatib, and Ryan Puchalski. 

The Ledge Gallery exhibition by Kainai and Blackfoot artist Elijah Wells will showcase a series of suspended objects geared at inspiring critical discourse around the unpaid and underpaid labour of Indigenous communities - Dialogue with a Bone Teacup runs December 9, 2019 - February 29, 2020 

Lightbox Studio features Avril Lopez whose work is inspired by whimsical creations designed to evoke a child-like state of imaginative worldview. “I use the studio space to develop an experimental environment,” says Avril. “Where it becomes a as a dynamic vessel where the childlike approach is conceived and utilized to connect with our surroundings.”  Made-up Orchard runs January 11- February 29, 2020. 

Window Galleries features four varied artists working in the mediums of photography, paint, illustration, and wire sculpture that explore themes of divergent viewpoints, fantasy, female empowerment, and community. Land of Plenty, La Vie en Rose, Veil Or Frail: Modest Women, and Faction run September 9 – December 8, 2019.


Arts Commons Presents: Visual Arts


Dialogue with a Bone Teacup

Made-up Orchard

Land of Plenty, La Vie en Rose, Veil Or Frail: Modest Women, Faction


Elijah Wells

Avril Lopez

Abi Buchberger, Kaitlyn Copithorne, Nada Khatib, and Ryan Puchalski


Ledge Gallery

Lightbox Studio

Window Galleries


Dec 9, 2019 - Feb 29, 2020

Jan 11 - Feb 29, 2020

Dec 21, 2019 - Feb 28, 2020


Artist Reception: Arts Learning Centre of Arts Commons on Friday, February 28 - 5:30PM- 8:30PM  


For media inquiries or more information contact:

Alex Bonyun, Communications Manager 403-294-7429


Artist Biographies 

Elijah Wells is a Kainai animation artist, visual artist and writer. He has studied at Alberta College of Art and Design as well as Emily Carr University of Art and Design. His founding philosophies in artistic approach are the representation of Blackfoot/Kainai cultural histories of 3rd and 4th gender persons and acknowledging the ether aspects of dance and combining them to create exemplary works of animation art. He is also working on a painting series that re-centres the various trans histories of Kainai people into contemporary visual storytelling. 

Avril Lopez is a visual artist from Morelia, Mexico. She moved to Calgary to complete her Masters in Fine Arts program at the University of Calgary in November 2018. Before moving to Canada, Lopez lived in Mexico City where she developed a one-year artistic as part of her bachelor’s degree, at “La Esmeralda” (ENPEG). Some of the Mexico City group shows she collaborated are, “Los Ojos de la Crueldad” (San Carlos Museum) and a group show and catalog “El Futuro No Esta Escrito” which is part of the “Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche” (Benetton Research Studies Foundation) in Venice, Italy.  

In Calgary, Lopez showed her work in different galleries such as, Exhibition +Window15, Artcommons, Alberta, Canada, (July 2017). Solo Exhibition, “Play House”, Art Point Gallery, Alberta, Canada, (2018). Graduation Exhibition, “Looking into Your Eyes, I See Myself”, Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary. Alberta, Canada, (2018). Lopez explores with various mediums such as, mischievous fabric sculptures and experimental costumes, video/performance, large scale drawings, and installation. Her work addresses concepts relating to memories, family relationships, and mental health. 

Enchanted by the many faces of urban life, Abigayle Buchberger can often be found sitting quietly, observing the world around her. Using primarily paint and wire, she recreates her observations in illustrative, continuous line portraiture. ​As an emerging artist born and based in Calgary, Alberta, Abigayle has had her work exhibited in C Space, The Pioneer, and AUARTS. She is currently pursuing a degree in Interior Design at Mount Royal University where she plans to apply her creativity and love of design and spatial analysis to new mediums. 

Kaitlynn Copithorne is a Calgary based illustrator working in digital, printmaking, and paint mediums. Born and raised on a ranch west of Calgary, the natural world has played a significant role in her  development as an artist. Convinced from a young age that all animals were friends capable of speaking at the right moment, and that trees and plants could cast or break magic spells if the right words were used, she became increasingly interested in animism, folklore, and witchcraft, elements which continue to feature predominantly in her illustrative work. She has shown work in group and solo exhibitions throughout Calgary, and has participated in art residencies in Calgary, Belgium, and Norway. Kaitlynn graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design (now the Alberta University of the Arts) in 2018 with a Bachelor of Design, Visual Communication Design. 

Nada Khatib is a Canadian artist and talented palette knife painter born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Her family arrived to Canada as Syrian refugees fleeing persecution in the late 80’s, and she now resides in Calgary with her husband. Nada began painting over a decade ago as an outlet for creativity and self-expression. 

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and starting a career in the corporate world made it clear to Nada that art is her true calling. In the spring of 2018, she took the risk of a major career change, followed her dreams, and founded her company, Expression By Nada. The path to self-employment and entrepreneurship was not easy and she faced many obstacles along the way but Nada’s passion for the power of visual arts gave her the strength to overcome these challenges. Building an art community and body of work around something she feels really positively impacts our society has been Nada’s most recent focus and motivation. 

Ryan Puchalski is an emerging artist born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta.  He has recently graduated with a BFA from the University of Lethbridge. Working primarily in illustration, graphic design and photography. Ryan’s work emphasizes bright colors, high attention to detail, and dreamlike aesthetics. 



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