Arts Commons Presents: Spring Exhibitions Present Diverse Artist Viewpoints

March 09, 2020

For Immediate Release
March 09, 2020

Arts Commons Presents:   Spring Exhibitions Present Diverse Artist Viewpoints 

CALGARY – Spring is fast approaching, and with it, a new selection of amazing emerging artists showcasing their work at Arts Commons. We invite you to visit the Ledge Gallery, Lightbox Studio, and Window Galleries for the new installations by artists Kyle Simmers, Gillian McCarron, Katie Barron, Maria Munar, Mel Vee X, and Paige Kurpjuweit. 

The Ledge Gallery exhibition by Kyle Simmers is a queer rural tragedy in the form of a five book series following Ed, a reserved man dealing with dementia in a small Northern Canadian Town.  Pass Me By: Electric Vice runs March 9 - May 30, 2020 

Lightbox Studio features Gillian McCarron whose exhibition WUNDERKAMMER experiments with perspective and viewpoint to create a different experience depending on the position of the viewer. WUNDERKAMMER runs March 9 - April 26, 2020. 

Window Galleries features four varied artists working in the mediums of paint, photography, and collage. Odd and Unusual, Fragments of a Layered Landscape, When The Rainbow Is Not Enuf, and Fragments of a Layered Landscape run March 9 - May 30, 2020.



Arts Commons Presents: Visual Arts


Pass Me By: Electric Vice


(Cabinet of Curiosities)

Odd and Unusual, Fragments of a Layered Landscape, When The Rainbow Is Not Enuf, and Fragments of a Layered Landscape.



Kyle Simmers

Gillian McCarron

Katie Barron, Maria Munar, Mel Vee X, and Paige Kurpjuweit


Ledge Gallery

Lightbox Studio

Window Galleries


March 9 - May 30, 2020

March 9 - April 26, 2020

March 9 - May 30, 2020


Artist Reception: Arts Learning Centre of Arts Commons on Friday, May 29 2020 - 5:30PM- 8:30PM  



For media inquiries or more information contact:

Alex Bonyun, Communications Manager 403-294-7429


Artist Biographies


Kyle Simmer is a non-binary artist working with the language of comic media and street art to extend bridges of empathy connecting disparate worlds. Born and raised in a special kind of nowhere known as Bashaw, Alberta, Simmers highlights overlooked intersections of queer and rural experience. Their work explores identity and relationships to engage the public in conversations about queer identity, mental health and what happens to the stories you never tell.


With creative partner Ryan Danny Owen, Simmers spent the greater part of the past two years working on a graphic novel series titled Pass Me By. The first in a five book series, Pass Me By: Gone Fishin’ originally released in limited edition with the help of a successful Kickstarter cam- paign. Working with indie publisher Renegade Arts Entertainment, the pair later released the book to a global audience and critical acclaim, arriving on CBC book’s best of 2019 list.


Gillian McCarron is an emerging artist working in the media of drawing and painting. Her work is strongly based in observations of the natural world and she experiments with different approaches and media when representing what she sees and discovers. She has exhibited works in Calgary, Edmonton, and around Alberta. Gillian attended the University of Alberta, graduating in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design. She also holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary and is the recipient of grant support from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Gillian lives and works out of Calgary, Alberta.


Katie Barron is an emerging artist working primarily in oils. Her work utilizes bold lighting schemes produced through the direct painting technique to encourage viewers to establish an emotional connection to the work. Subjects of Barron's work often include surreal combinations of food and other simple indulgences. By painting these simple items in highly detailed realism she invites viewers to plunge into their every detail. Barron questions preconceived notions about what we may combine and what should be left separate. Exploring opposing yet harmonious elements in deeply contrasting lighting, she places the spotlight on the strange among us.


Maria Munar is a Colombian/Canadian artist based out of Calgary, Alberta. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a major in Media Arts from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2017. She is an emerging visual artist working primarily with photography and sculpture and explores the way images can be transformed from a digital realm into a three-dimensional space. 


Mel Vee X is a queer Black out-spoken word artist, burlesque performer, photographer and emerging visual artist who was born and raised in Mohkinstsis. Out of the muck of living in a hostile and racist society, the lotus of her unapologetic dedication to speaking truth to power and looking damn good while doing it has emerged. MelVee is dedicated to inspiring marginalized people to tell our own stories from our own perspectives.


Paige Kurpjuweit grew up on a farm in southern Alberta. She studied criminology after high school and later on enrolled in a cannabis production program. Paige works mainly with hand-cut collage, creating a space between surrealism and ridiculousness. She uses mostly magazine clippings, landfill bound garbage, and books to create her collages. The randomness of each collage is intended to transform printed media environments into a state of silliness. Several roads of humour can be found in her work as well as themes such as the earth, animals, space, and people. When Paige isn’t creating, she is traveling, running, growing food, sharing awful dad jokes, or hanging out with her two cats Alan and Doris. She has had her work exhibited at Big Winter Classic, Rosso Coffee Roasters, and Arts Commons. Paige has also been published in UPPERCASE magazine for her illustration work. Kurpjuweit is currently based in Didsbury, Alberta.



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