Arts Commons Presents: RBC Emerging Visual Artist Program exhibition has virtual unveiling for Spring 2021 exhibitions

May 19, 2021

For Immediate Release
May 19, 2021


CALGARY – Activating the gallery spaces at Arts Commons even amid ongoing social distancing restrictions, the spring exhibitions of the RBC Emerging Visual Artist Program are officially open - virtually. Using immersive 3D imaging technology, Arts Commons Presents is sharing the work of 31 artists featured in the Lightbox Studio, +15 Galleries (including the Education Gallery), and Window Galleries. These exhibitions are free to view from now through to July 23, 2021 and +15 Galleries will be available until September 15, 2021. View now at

The RBC Emerging Visual Artists Program provides key mentoring, exhibition, and networking opportunities for artists looking to establish their careers in the Calgary arts community.

Almas de la Tierra / Souls of the Land in the +15 Galleries is presented by SpanicArts, which supports the work of Hispanic artists and artists that are inspired by the Hispanic culture as well as the artistic growth of the city and their own communities. Working through the mediums of painting, sculpture, photography, and fibre art, Almas de la Tierra shares the work of 24 artists inspired by the many facets of Hispanic culture. 

Also featured within the +15 Galleries (in the Education Gallery) is Nuestras Caras (Our Faces) by Daniela Szeőke, one of the youngest artists to ever exhibit at the Arts Commons. Her work explores both the contemporary and traditional faces of Latin America with each “face” inspired by a different historical period. 

STRESS IS A MONSTER THAT EATS ME ALIVE in the Lightbox Gallery is the work of multi-disciplinary artist Darryl Sinclair. Using, pen, pencil, and fabric, Darryl focuses on mental illness and navigating her own internal relationship. Darryl’s hugely imaginative creations evoke a childlike whimsy that creates a space for self-discovery and exploration. 

Works Created in Isolation, Where the Forest is Thickest (& Portrait after Four Seasons), UnBelonging in my Fatherland, and Soul of the Rockies are four exhibitions featured in the Window Galleries by artists Amy Webber, Christopher Savage, Nabila Walji, and Nicole Kurceba in the mediums of paint and photography. Their work explores personal relationships to personal, social and natural networks, even when – or especially when – we are in isolation. 

“Even though our emotions may not always feel beautiful - they can be painful, overwhelming, and complex - I believe there is beauty in the fact that as humans, we can feel such a wide range and depth of emotion,” says Amy Webber, whose exhibition Works Created in Isolation is featured in the Window Galleries. 

This virtual exhibition is free to the public. Visit to learn more. 


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