Welcome to Arts Commons

Music, theatre, and dance. This is Arts Commons. But visual arts, education, weddings, comedy, film, and National Geographic Live? Yes, that is Arts Commons too. Today, we are more than just performing arts. Arts Commons has a little bit of this and that. Which means it has something for you.

There are continually expanding ways of conceiving, developing, and delivering ideas that create new forms of artistic expression. The arts demonstrate the boundless creativity humans possess and the inventive ways they find to express themselves. We live our brand in our programming, our partnerships, and in our openness to feedback and input from our community.

Arts Commons is an inspirational gathering place for all Calgarians and visitors alike. We are a space, both physical and metaphorical, that stimulates senses, triggers emotions, challenges assumptions, starts conversations, and opens minds.

Our Vision:

  • A creative and compassionate society, inspired through the arts.

Our Mission:

  • To bring the arts...to life.

Our Values:

  • Do the right thing - behaving with integrity, applying professionalism, being honest, and erring on the side of grace.
  • Be our best always – in service, in leadership, in professionalism, and in providing a quality experience.
  • Be open: minds, hearts, arms – through empathy, openness, trust, and collaboration, seizing opportunities to impact our community in a positive way.