Jazz at Lincoln Center - Student Presentation

Join Arts Commons Presents and TD Jazz for a special student presentation in the Jack Singer Concert Hall of Jazz at Lincoln Center: Let Freedom Swing

What does democracy sound like?

Arts Commons Presents is thrilled to welcome the Jazz at Lincoln Center ensemble to Calgary as part of the 2021-2022 season of the TD Jazz series.

Democracy, migration and civil rights curriculum comes alive with jazz! The show will present parallels between jazz music and the meaning of democracy, demonstrating how we use elements of improvisation, the Blues, and swing to express ourselves on our instruments and listen to those around us. It will also include a bit of jazz history - stories of our heroes Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Bessie Smith, and examples of the songs they played.

Protest & changemaking, inclusiveness, individualism, rights and responsibilities, citizenship, identity, the land/place and people, human rights and freedom

Connecting to music as a form of storytelling and changemaking is a compelling way to support your humanities and language arts curriculum

Music and band teachers can introduce students to Jazz musical instruments, rhythms, patterns, dynamics and expression through singing and Jazz music.

Looking for more curricular supports? Check out the Let Freedom Swing education website for more classroom resources for your music, social studies and humanities curriculum

Recommended for:
Grades 3-12

$15 per student. 1 chaperone comp for every 8 students

Show dates:
March 2, 2022


Questions? Call 403-294-7414 or education@artscommons.ca.